Monday, July 23, 2012

WIA on 7/22-7/23 & Healthy Banana Split Recipe

1/2 cup of old fashion oats cooked in 1/2 cup of chocolate unsweetened Almond Breeze and 1/2 cup of water stevia, a pinch of salt, maple syrup extract and cinnamon.  Topped with 1 sliced apricot, 2 diced pineapple slices, sunflower seeds, and unsweetened coconut flakes.

Left-over Ground Turkey Salad
Green salad mix, soy beans, cucumber slices, brussels sprouts, onions, red radishes, salsa, garlic powder, salt and pepper and raw apple cider vinegar.

Instagramed Apple & Almond Butter Chobani
A diced apple, carob chips, sunflower seeds on cinnamon and stevia flavored plain non fat Chobani.

Hummus Platter
Homemade Hummus,  carrots, a pickle, 6 smoked turkey slices, 5 kashi go' lean crackers, 4 Melba toasts.
Grilled Dinner
Grilled lemon pepper chicken, grilled zuchinni, pineapple, onions and mushrooms kabobs and 1/4 of a gigantic grilled sweet potato.

Instagramed Veggie Kabobs ;o)

Grilled Banana Split?
Super Simple Healthy Banana Split (serves 2):

1 cup of 2% organic cottage cheese
1/2 cap full of caramel extract
1 t. of cinammon 
2 Truvia packets

Mix the above ingredients and refrigerate.
Add in:
1 grilled banana (quartered)
2 honey cinnamon flavored brown rice cake
2 tbsp of dry dates
2 tbsp of carob chips
2 tbsp of sunflower seeds

Arrange as shown in the photo below.  Enjoy!!!

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