Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Short & Sweet HuMp Day & guilty pleasure!

Happy HuMp Day everyone! 
As always, this morning I did my daily detox and followed that with Insanity's Pure Cardio for my workout.

To vary the smoothie trend I have been in lately; I had 1/2 grapefruit and a hard boiled egg for breakfast.

For lunch: I had a ground turkey, spinach & zuchinni salad.

I cooked the ground turkey with no oil, diced tomatoes seasoned with garlic powder, pepper and spaghetti seasoning.

OK!!!  So other than my passion for healthy eating and fitness, one of my guilty pleasures is buying and collecting MAKE UP!  Consequently, I love watching beauty videos on YouTube.  One of my favorite beauty vlogers is Nicole from NVMakeupLover .  I just love how genuine and real she is with product reviews and the integrity of her channel as a whole.  Since moving to Alaska I have been forced to purchase must of beauty products online.  I rely on Nicole and other beauty gurus for product reviews.  I have never been disappointed with purchases I have made with any of Nicole's recommendations.
 LOVE her! 

Another one of my favorite beauty vlogers is Jarmaine...I just think she's hilarious! She has a whole series called the "Sexy Loser" where she shares her latest health and fitness tips with her viewers. 

I wanted to share her latest "Sexy Loser" video post:
Hope you enjoyed that! ;o)

Do you watch make-up/fitness videos on Youtube?  Can you recommend a channel?

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