Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weights & TRX Day

If you like to workout from home, you probably have an entire binder of workout DVDs like me.  The other night I was looking through my workout DVD "collection" and rediscovered a very exciting weight training video from Shaun T that came with their deluxe Insanity package. I recently started incorporating a bit more weights into my weekly workouts because I want to concentrate more in reducing fat and toning, so this was perfect.  FYI!  I am not a beachbody coach, I don't sale Beachbody products.  I just love their videos!

Insanity's Upper Body Weight Training is a full upper body workout, you'll work your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and back, with a little core in between.

Joseph was kind enough to join me this morning for an intense session of Insanity Upper Body Weight training.  Here is how the 48 minute workout went:

Warm up (yes there is a warm up):
30 seconds of running in place
30 seconds of jump ropes with arm circles
30 seconds of jumping jacks
30 seconds of the Heisman (Shaun's Favorite)
30 seconds of "1,2,3" Heisman (on all Insanity warm up)
30 seconds of right and left power hooks with a hop
Repeat (no breaks, 6 mins total)

30 Second Break


1st Circuit:
Full Rotation Shoulder Press (10 lbs)
1 arm curls/other arm hold 90 degrees while other arm curls (5 lbs)
In & Outs with a pushup
Floor Springs
Repeat 2 more times (with 30 seconds in between reps)

2nd Circuit:
Squat Bicep Curls (10 lbs)
180 Degrees Lateral Raises (5 lbs)
Elevated Dips (both legs knee slightly bended, elevated right, and elevated left)
Power Jumps (I hate these)
Repeat 2 more times (with 30 seconds in between reps)

3rd Circuit:
Full Rotation Fly (10 lbs)
Push up One Arm Extensions (5lbs)
High Knee Obliques (works your core & acts as cardio)
Repeat 2 more times (with 30 seconds in between reps)

4th & last Circuit:
Chest Press while leg raises (10 lbs)
Bent Over Rows, Reverse Flys
Ski Abs
Repeat 2 more times (with 30 seconds in between reps)

Stretch (3 minutes)

Now, I am not a professional weight lifter but I was sweating more than I sweat with an hour of intense cardio.  I love that each circuit includes a cardio/core move.  Awesome, Awesomeness!  I know I will be in pain tomorrow, especially because I also have a  TRX session later today.  Perfection!   I will be doing this workout every Tuesday & Thursday morning.

Needless to say I was starving after my workout.  I had a breakfast burrito that Joseph made for me on a sprouted wrap stuffed with egg-whites, peppers, mushrooms & jalapenos.

 Any workout plans for today? 

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