Friday, June 1, 2012

TGIF! & Can’t believe in June already!

Can you believe it is June already???  Most importantly the weekend has arrived!  WOOT, WOOT!  Any plans for the weekend???  I am planning on a hike tomorrow if the weather permits !  Also, I’m heading to Fairbanks on Sunday to pick up my hubby from the airport (the drive is always a treat.)

I was up super early today to get my workout done.  I had my raw apple cider concoction and my lemon water prior to my workout.  I did 2 rounds of HIIT & Summer Arms (my 2 faves from the series) from Tone it Up Beach Babe DVD I got the idea from Bess Be Fit.  I have loved all of her exercise posts, amazing blog!  I also did the Tummy Tuck from The Brazilian Butt Lift series.  

Although I had planned for smoothies this morning, I was extremely hungry after my workout so  I ended up having a “Mexican” scramble, oats cooked in water with cinnamon and stevia and Yogi’s Chai tea.  I still made Chris a smoothie!

 My snack today consisted of Chobani non fat plain greek yogurt, raspberries, carob chips, sunflower seeds,  stevia  & Gebbler melts.  It was delish!

I’m planning on making a salad or a stir fry for lunch…We'll see!

I promised Chris I would bring him to the Buffalo Drive-In in town today for ice cream and buffalo burgers!  A friend reminded me that this is a summer tradition here in Delta so how could I say NO!   Hmmmmm...

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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