Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Morning & Vitacost Mini-Haul

After taking the day off yesterday I was up early this morning anxious to get my cardio done for the day. I did the ToneitUP BeachBabe DVD HIIT routine (x 2) and I will be doing weights with Joseph later.

For breakfast: I had the Bodybuilder Protein Pancakes, I have been enjoying making these.  Thanks Richard Hauck for recommending them!  Delish & super filling.

I ordered a few things off of the Vitacost website for my FoodiePenPal box (more on this later) and managed to grab some goodies for us as well.

From left to right:

1.  Annies Mac & Cheese: Chris' favorite Saturday dinner

2.  Organic Quinoa: We love quinoa.  It is a complete protein and it is delicious cold or hot.  Great to throw on salads, perfect summer meal!  Just trying out different brands.

3.  MCT oil: coconut oil and Medium Chain Tryglicerides (MCT) are the only oils we use in our cooking/baking. This oil is known for treating deceases related to chronic dieting (which I was considered one.)  So many health benefits in this oil!  MCT oil was recommended by my nutrition class teacher (RD) a while back and every since then it has become a staple in our house.  Your body doesn't store MCT oil as fat it uses it as energy.

4.  Primrose Oil capsules: Vegetarian capsules.  Great for your skin

5. Thyroid capsules:  I have been struggling with acne and swollen thyroid.  I decided to give these a try.  I'll keep you posted on that

6. Carob Chips:  You already know how much I love them.  It's chocolate, naturally sweet, no sugar added, safe for dogs.

Check out my herbs!  Making mojitos with that mint tomorrow!

Lastly, my favorite treat lately: soda water, frozen raspberries and carob chips.  So refreshing, and the perfect balance of sweet- bitterness.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday! 

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