Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Yoga Challenge, PerfectFit is HERE! & Frozen Treats

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend &  Monday.  My weekend was good, just doing stuff around the house.  Did yoga and upper body on Sunday, and I ran 4 miles yesterday for my morning workout. 

OH!  I’m doing the “June Yoga Challenge” that Sweet Tooth Sweet Live started.  The challenge is simple: get in a yoga workout 3 times per week for the month of June, if you would like to participate or to find out more info about it click the button on the right. 

For my workout this morning I did a 25 min TM interval, Insanity’s Cardio Abs, and 10 mins of kettle bells.

For my breakfast I had a soy latte & a green smoothie with my PerfectFit protein powder!!!!  YEY!  I was waiting impatiently for this and it finally arrived yesterday.  I'm so excited to have this in my hands you don't even know.  PerfectFit was created by the ToneitUp girls Karena & Katrina, it is organic, vegan, non GMO, kosher, 15 grams of protein and only 70 kcals per serving. I also love how travel friendly the packaging is, they come individually packed.  They are currently working on different sizes and flavors.  Go to their website for more info: PerfectFit link

Very exciting lunch: a chicken salad on an Ezekiel wrap (again)

  It's been so hot inside my house, we have been craving cold foods for dinner and b-fast.  I made a batch of pineapple, banana, strawberries Popsicle to keep us cool in this "warm" weather.

I used:
1 cup of freshly cut pineapple
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 1/2 med frozen bananas (frozen the night before)
1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
a handful of unsweetened coconut flakes

Threw everything on a blender and froze over night... Definitely refreshing!

Planning on doing an Insanity workout or perhaps a spinning class this afternoon...Have a wonderful day!

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