Friday, June 29, 2012

Acne, European Lunch & Full Circle Order!

My workout this morning:
I also did the Bikini Abs from the ToneitUp Beach Babe DVD.  

My breakfast was another green smoothie.  I have to take advantage of the warmer days in AK and sneak in a smoothie as much as I possible.
 I went to town with Christian to pick up my prescription, by the way I have been dealing with terrible "adult acne" the clinic took 5 tubes of blood in order to test my hormonal levels, thyroid and a bunch of other stuff.  I should get my results on Wednesday.  The doctor prescribed Minocyclin 50MG for my  acne.  I have tried everything: from over-the counter to retinA & Dex5. It's time to give these antibiotics a try.  Will let you know how that goes.
We stopped by The Taste of Europe (restaurant) for lunch:
Russian Coffee

 Greek Salad

 A side of Plove
I received my order details from FullCircleFarms this morning... Due to 4th of July, we get our veggies a day early next week...Here's my order:

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


  1. I struggle with acne again after years of only the occasional pimple. The hardest thing is not to touch, pick, and fuss about my breakouts. I try to stick to light formulas for cleansing such as baby wash, and to just keep my face moisturized to avoid flaky skin from clogging more pores. It's so annoying, though! I'm not 17 anymore!

    1. It is very annoying! I find a lot of women are going through this...I might document how this medicine works for me...I currently use a natural scrub, a homemade toner made with apple cider vinegar and water, and coconut oil as my nightly lotion. In the day time I use the Sibu line, but I have tried it ALL! On my last appointment the doc gave retinA & Dex5 and now switched it to this antibiotic, will see how that goes! I'll keep you posted! Thanks for sharing that!


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