Monday, May 21, 2012

Plateau/Slim Down Day # 1

As always upon waking, 20 oz of lemon water.  I also took a shot of raw apple cider vinegar ;o)

AM Workout: 20 min interval:
The booty workout from BeachBabe DVD (about 35 mins total)

2 Slices of Ezekiel bread with earth balance spray butter
1 cup of eggwhites (omelet) stuffed with baby arugula and onions


1/2 cup of 2% organic cottage cheese, mixed with stevia, cinnamon, 1 tbs of sunflower seeds


A baked chicken breast and 2 cups of green beans

Snack: 2

1 cup of nonfat greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of raspberries (low glycemic fruit), 7 almonds crushed, 5 drops of chocolate and raspberry liquid stevia, and cinnamon mixed in

PM workout:  Brazilian Butt Lift Tummy Tuck  (20 mins)

Post workout shake:

1 scoop of organic hemp protein
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of unsweetened chocolate almond breeze
1 stevia pack
1 t of cinnamon
about 1 cup of ice cubes
1/2 water


6 oz. of grilled Tilapia (No MSG lemon pepper and cayenne seasoning) & 14 asparagus spears

I was not hungry after dinner, I'm having chamomile tea and then off to bed...Sorry I did not take any pictures of my meal, I will tomorrow.  I'm sure I will have a repeat of these meals during the week...Not bad, I liked today!

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