Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do you soak your beans? That’s weird!

Honestly, because my grandmother did it.  She soaked and washed beans, rice, and nuts.  I asked her once, “grandma” why you do that to the beans; her clever answer: because they are dirty; the truth: because they were CHEAPER!  

Grandma was correct the beans were dirty, but little did she know that when you soak your dry beans you are preserving the proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in them and taking out the indigestible sugars (what causes gas) I will always wonder if she knew that…
Soaking dry beans will also cut the cooking time in half.  Additionally, when you use dry beans you don’t worry about the BPA content that’s found in cans (even in organic brands.)

To summarize dried/soaked beans are clean, cheaper, better for you, BPA free, and gas free.

I soak my beans overnight, and cook them for about 2 hours the next day, rinse and refrigerate.  I throw them in my salads, use for cooking/baking, and spreads.

Thanks abuela!

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