Friday, March 16, 2012

On my way...

As promised, my before & after photos. It took me a month to decide if these were worth putting up, because I'm still working on becoming a fitter person.  You guys should know by now that  I am all about accountability...therefore, I woke up today and realized that I should be sharing my progress with you all! I sit here and I share all of my meals, and workouts, but not my progress. 

 I can't believe this was me a few months ago, I'm proud of what I have accomplished thus far, and I look forward to continue with my journey on becoming a healthier fitter me!  

(Please be kind with your comments as this was very difficult for me to put up.) 

 Well, here they are!

August 2011 (before:)

March 2012 (after:)

And the journey continues...

According to the BMI table standards I am in the normal range.  In order for me to maintain my weight I have to consume between 1600-1900 calories a day.  I try to stay in the 1500 calorie range and I work out for 1 hour 6 days a week. 

I start my day by drinking 20 oz of water with a half of lemon and one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in order to clean the liver and get rid of anything that is sitting there from the night before, also to get it ready for what I will consume that day.  I actually put together a menu for the week, to make sure that I stay on track.  I did 2 rounds of a workout program called Insanity which is a 60 day program that requires you to work out 6 times per week for a min of 45 minutes a day.  I'm currently experimenting with other workout programs, still 6 times a week, 45 minutes a day. 

Here is what a day of eating looks like for me:

¼ cup of steel cut oats (cooked in ½ cup of coconut milk, ½ of water, 1 tsp. of salt, and 5 drops of stevia leaf drops, 1tbs of ground flaxseeds)
1 tbs of dry dates or raisins
½ banana 
1 cup of homemade green juice (spinach, cucumbers, beets, kale, celery)

Between my breakfast and snack I try to drink 20 oz of water.  I try to drink before and after my meals rather than during, to assist with the digestive process of foods.

1 apple 
1 tbsp. of raw almond butter
I drink 20 oz. of water between my snack and lunch.

2 cups of organic green salad mix 
6 oz.  of grilled tofu or tempeh
1 tbs. of no sugar added cranberries 
2 tbsp. of feta cheese 
1 tbsp. of sliced almonds 
2 tbsp. of homemade vinaigrette dressing

After workout Smoothie: 
1 scoop of organic hemp protein powder 
1 tbsp. of blue agave nectar 
1 tsp. of cinnamon 
½ cup of blueberries 
½ of a banana 
½ of cup of coconut milk  
½ of the homemade green juice 
1 tbsp. of raw sunflower seeds butter
During my workout I drink about 32oz. of water.

6 oz. of salmon, tofu or chicken
14 asparagus spears 
1 medium sweet potato
If I am still hungry after dinner, I will have a handful of almonds or a fruit.  I always have tea after dinner, or before bed.  I also make sure to be in bed by 11 pm, to not intervene with the melatonin process of my body. 
I tried to be as specific as possible.  This is about 1600 calories and it keeps me full all day long.  I also take supplements.

List of supplements:
multi vitamin
wheat grass
primrose oil


  1. You look amazing! Keep up the great work. I'm enjoying the recipes and ideas from your blog!

    1. Thank you! Very sweet! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog ;o)

  2. Very Encouraging! You look great, I love that your making all your food. Its easy to get so busy and not plan, this encourages me to eat better. I already have the exercise down its mainly the planning of food I struggle with, so thanks for the encouragment!

    1. Thank you, very sweet! Adjusting to a new eating lifestyle is the toughest part! You can do it! Let me know how you like the smoothie should you try it! ;)

  3. You look fabulous and are an inspiration. Very impressive!

  4. Thanks for linking up at Stephanie's Mommy Brain Project 10. Your transformation is amazing! I'm attempting to change my eating and exercise habits as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure! Thank you so much for your comment Stephanie! Best of luck and success to you! If I can assist you in anyway pls let me know ;o)

  5. Amazing girl! I know how it feels to lose the lbs. You look fabulous, keep it up!
    I will start my journey after January 2013 to lose baby weight. I will be copying a lot of your recipes!
    Take care. =)

    1. Hi Keyla! Thanks for stopping by friend! Congrats on the new baby coming! Sounds good! Let me know how the recipes turn out for you! ttyl!

  6. Awesome! You look great! I just completed 4 weeks of Turbo Fire and am thinking about trying Insanity next to keep that winter fat away! I'm a new follower! From Jenny @

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jenny! Loving your "about me" story on your page...LOL Please keep me posted should you decided to do Insanity or any other workouts! Have a lovely night Cassandra! lol I mean Jenny...;o)

  7. I am in ahh with your transformation. It is so motivating to see your pictures you are a brave soul for posting them but they have served their purpose I am sure many other have been just as motivated by this post as I was.
    I had a question regarding your workouts, did you simply do the Insanity workouts or were you doing cardio as well or something else?

    p.s. just discovered your blog and I am so in love with it, I got lost here all afternoon:)

    1. Awww, happy to hear! Thank you...Good question! the time I was just doing Insanity and had completely changed my eating habits, eating super clean; fro-yo was not a part of my vocabulary then lol. However during my second round of Insanity, I did incorporate spinning classes a couple of times per week, also I played volleyball once a week for about 2 hours, and ran/walk for 30 minutes in the morning because I was training for my 1st 5k at the time(not every day.) Thanks for stopping by ;o)


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