Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Juicing For Health!!!

I recently did a juice fast for health. I wanted to share my experience and some of my favorite juice recipes with you guys. It was such a unique experience that I feel everyone should try at least once in their life (I will do this once every few months.)

I want to start out by saying that I did not weigh-in for any of the days I was juice fasting, so I cannot tell you whether I lost weight or not, but then again juice fasting for weight loss was not my intention. To be honest this was a challenge for me because I tend to weigh-in every morning. I wanted to do this for health and did not want anything else to influence nor diminish my initial goal. Besides, if you are putting the right foods in your body and feeling amazing, the number in the scale should not matter, right?

Day 1#
As always, upon waking I had 20 oz of lemon and apple cider vinegar water. I did a 20 minute run and had my breakfast juice after (around 7am.) I eat every 2-3 hours so, by 10am I was starving! I should have brought a juice or a piece of fruit to work. I could not wait for lunch time! Needless to say when that 12pm siren went off, I ran home and had my liquid lunch...lol

OK! make sure that you have a bathroom within a short walking or crawling distance, because you will be visiting it a lot (just the first day for me.) After my 5th visit to the bathroom, I did yoga. I watched "Hungry for Change" and had my dinner juice. Additionally, I had a couple of cups of chamomile tea. After that, I was MISERABLE!!! I had a massive headache, I thought I was going to faint, my legs were weak and shaky, I could hardly breathe. I did not want to give up (I knew these were symptoms of detoxification) so, I took a vitamin D, B12, and a multivitamin, had some water, and went to bed.

Day 2#
Oddly enough!  I woke up feeling amazing!  I had so much energy.  I had my lemon/apple cider water.  Did my Insanity workout.  Had my b-fast juice.  Still feeling amazing!!!  The bathroom visits were normal.  I had a juice snack, and chai tea during my main meals, then lunch (with vitamins.)  Still feeling great!  Did some stuff around the house.  Had my dinner, and went to bed. 

Day #3
Same as day 2 only, feeling great!  Had an awesome run for my workout.   I had 4 juices today, and a raw pear.  Awesome day!

Another thing I wanted to let you guys know about, the whole point of a detox is to get all the toxins out of your body.  Therefore, you have to pay close attention to what you put on and into your body.  Please use only organic produce for juicing!!! Additionally, other than eating to detoxify, pay close attention to your beauty products a lot of them contain toxins, so I would suggest refraining from using them when you are doing any detoxification program. 

I have to admit this was hard but, I ditched the makeup and my beauty essential and substituted them for these...

Here is what I used:
On my Face:
No MAKE UP! (I was home, no need for it anyway)

I used the apricot scrub from St. Yves for my face.
Organic raw apple cider vinegar for my toner. (1 tbs of cider and 1 tbs of water on a spray bottle)
Organic Coconut oil for my moisturizer.

Body: I used an organic Moroccan oil and castile soap for my hair and body.

A few of my favorite juices:
1 apple
4 Brussels sprouts
1/4 of a lemon
4 carrots
1 cup of arugula
3 cups of spinach

1 kiwi
1 pear
3 cups of kale
2 carrots
4 celery sticks
1/2 of a cucumber

2 carrots
4 celery sticks
1 apple
1 orange

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