Monday, October 5, 2015

New hair, Snacky Weekend and a new book...

Happy Monday!  Have you wrote down your goals for this week?  I have!  I had such a good weekend at home and shopping for Halloween costumes.  Friday I decided that my hair needed a much needed cut and change of color.  I decided to go dark for the Fall!  Here's how it turned out...
 I used a box of hair dye for a dark mahogany brown and I will confess that I ended up going darker than I originally wanted to however, this is the natural color of my hair.  I am committing to this hair color for a month and see if it lightens up a bit.  If it doesn't, I may go to a medium brown, not a fan of how dark it is...  Especially when your 14 year old tells you that you look a bit like a witch...

Saturday was full of yummy Halloween inspired snacks.  I do not know about you but, Fall makes me crave all sorts of candy corn. The combination of sweet and savory is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a snack, or any food really.  I found apple and peanut butter flavored candy corn while browsing the candy aisle at Walmart and I just had to get them.  
I originally got the football shaped pretzels for Joseph and Chris to enjoy on Sunday.  However, and again since I am a lover of sweet and savory things,  I thought that a candy corn over a pretzel, multiplied by 1,000, sounded like the perfect Saturday treat!
This combo was delightful!  I did over do it a bit, but, I do not regret a second of it...  SO GOOD!

To go along with the pretzel candy corn fiasco, we did manage to stop at a GNC store while killing time waiting for Christian to finish up at a birthday party. I picked up the highly advertised Pumpkin Pie Quest bar!
GNC was having a sale on Victory bars as well, we naturally picked up a few of those to try.  Now, I am a pumpkin lover and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the new Quest bar.  I was not a fan of the texture and to be honest for me it was lacking in flavor a bit.  Anyone else?  This product has been so hyped up in social media outlets, I guess my expectations were pretty high due to the hype.  Have you tried it yet?  The Victory bar was OK!  I would only pay $1.29 for them though.

A "YouTube made me do it purchase"!  Sunday while the boys were watching football, I finally got to start reading a book I recently picked up after watching Mimi Ikonn's video with her husband Alex on relationships.  She mentioned that this book changed the way she views relationship.  I found it on Amazon last week and I am now on chapter 3 of the book.  So far, loving the Mastery of Love.
The Mastery of Love is easy to read and I love how it talks about all relationships, not only the one with your spouse but, also the ones you build with friends and most importantly it focuses on self love.  Have your read The Mastery of Love?  What did you think?

How about you?  How was your weekend?  Any fun snacks?